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Thursday, August 17, 2017

And then we wormed him.

Toby's digestive system was working a lot better, so we wormed him. We're back to diarrhea and dehydration. That sounds sinister, but he's still a busy enough kitten that we think he'll make it.
Duck football as you've never seen it before. Here, Toby sacks the duck. 
Dog in the background is farther away than she appears.

The Contemplation of the Shoelace.

Pouncing prep sequence initiated. Contact in 3...2...1...

So much for getting a picture with the lion to show you how big he is.

Sooner or later, he wears out.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting better all the time

And there was a time, a couple of weeks ago, when I could easily have sung "can't get no worse."

But not today.

Be sure you're not eating if you're squeamish.

Toby finally stopped bleeding while pooping, so we could give him probiotics. We started yesterday. The diarrhea has diminished considerably. He is eating more. He's sleeping a lot and putting on weight faster.

His favorite snuggle position: tucked under the human's chin. 
Cat must think he's a viola.
(Happy cat. Happy, very tired mama.)

He doesn't mind being held like a baby, either. 
Bonus Toby toe beans!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Toby's second bath

These are post-bath photos because bathing him is an exercise for Cat Four Hands and Sink.

Toby wants you to know it was just awful and he was a very sad kitty.

So sad he has to hug Mama's finger when he thinks about it.

But the blowdryer felt good to him, and being brushed feels good, and having a toy to beat up on is very helpful. He thinks he might be cheerful again after a nice long nap.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 29 playtime photos

Matt put his photojournalism skills to work this afternoon to chronicle the post-pee, post-poop, post-feeding playtime.
What? Oh, just eating Mama's hair. Nothing to see here. Move along, reporter.

Raaaaawr! I will eat the elephant!

Bunny kick! Bunny kick!

A bit out of focus, but you can see his tiny sharp teeth!

This is getting dull. Maybe I'll wash my paws instead.

If you brush me, I'll go to sleep holding my toy.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The wee hours are full of incident

Toby can now run full tilt and can also back up very quickly. It's a whole new ballgame.
In the last hour and a half, he has eaten a moderate amount, pooped some, run around a lot (including running very fast and backing up at considerable speed), climbed the back of the couch, climbed my shoulder and tried to find food in my ear (whuffa whuffa whuffa), refused food when it did not come from my ear, galloped across the living room to investigate Matt's shoes, investigated the interior of a paper bag, tried to eat an empty tissue box, refused food that was not an empty tissue box, attempted to climb my neck and do a swan dive onto a tile floor, wailed when swan dive was thwarted, pounced on and thoroughly defeated his blue bear, washed his paws, fallen over trying to wash his tail, and gone to sleep abruptly.

There are no pictures because I was too busy keeping him alive.

Images from the last couple of days

He sleeps in this position. How?

Identical pensive expressions.

Washing the front end is working well. Washing the back end makes him fall over.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The grim saga of Toby's bath and assorted post-bath photos and videos

When a kitten has multiple episodes of diarrhea while sleeping, a wet washcloth doesn't do everything. He's been stinky and tangled in the nether regions, but he was too little and frail to wash. Yesterday we got the go-ahead from Dr. Colleen.
First, I had to find baby shampoo. Our local grocery, Huffman's, had it, in bottles bigger than my baby. As I have allergies to all artificial fragrances, I bought the "New Natural Lavender and Chamomile" version, which is a fetching shade of purple. Once opened, it bore all the resemblance to natural smells that Toby's blue plush elephant bears to a real elephant. Apparently there's a whole lot of fake in with that "natural."
Then we checked him with the blow-dryer. It didn't faze him at all. The bath was a go.
We ran a sink of warm water and I soaped him up. He began screaming at the first touch of the shampoo. Maybe it was the smell, but more likely his irritated skin was hurting. I scrubbed him as quickly and gently as I could, rinsed him twice, and spent a few minutes doing scary detail work with a flea comb to get the big chunks out, then towel-dried him very gingerly and pulled out the dryer.
I made sure my hand was always in the path of the dryer so I wouldn't inadvertently burn him. He was still complaining, but less vociferously, and by the end of the drying period he seemed to like the feeling of the warm wind.
We left the bathroom. I set him down on the couch and got out the thread scissors, intending to trim some of the longer bits of fur near his anus so they wouldn't get cruddy again. (I had already had to trim some of it, and parts of his tail, while he was too sick to bathe.) He took one look at the scissors, gave me the nastiest glare a cute baby can give, walked off, and sat down hard on his little bum with his back to me. "No way, lady. Just take those sharp things AWAY." I gave up.
He's forgiven me for the whole episode and is doing well. These pictures are from blear o'clock this morning (around sunrise; I'd been up since 1:30 doing the graveyard shift.)
The blue elephant is his favorite--there are so many good spots to bite.
Time to fall asleep with my paws on Mama's shirt.
Or lean on her arm.

The laptop is a warm pillow.