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Monday, January 15, 2018

Toby is six months old!

We believe he was less than 24 hours old when we found him on July 15th.

These are today's pictures:
He's developing quite the mane!
Today, at last, I was finally able to catch him
carrying his jingle ball around the room.

Up on the couch, over to the windowsill...
Down to the floor again...

It's been a long road from that tiny kitten
with a fresh umbilical cord

to this gorgeous, healthy, 7.4-pound cat.
It's all been worth it.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jeeves ventures out

After a month of living in the small bathroom, Jeeves started asking to go out into the house.

Today he discovered the couch. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree?

He is a dog in a cat suit. He loves belly rubs. When I tried to take my hand away after this picture, he grabbed it in his forepaws and pulled it back to his belly. I have never met a cat who tolerated belly rubs well, let alone demanded them.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jeeves's ears: good and bad news.

Jeeves went to the vet today.
If you are squeamish, or eating, or both, skip the next para.
His right ear is improving. His left ear is worse, as we suspected--the eardrum is ruptured and the ear canal is, as the vet put it after a look through the otoscope, “a lake of goo.” It’s a combo bacterial and yeast infection.
He is back on his first, injectable antibiotic because it looks like that one may have helped the most. He was on it for his abscess, but his ear did improve during that time, so he has it plus another week on ear drops (both antibiotic and antifungal included in the drops, plus a steroid). Then he will have two more weeks of the injectable and another vet appointment after that because there is still one last antibiotic we can try if this doesn’t work.
Things look pretty bad in his ears, but we have reduced the general stress on his body--he is no longer outdoors, parasite-ridden, or sporting big abscesses. We just have to hope that good food, warmth, and love will help the antibiotics fight off the infection in his ears.
He was a complete sweetie in the appointment. Took his shots and coped with having his ears messed about, not a murmur of complaint (though his tail was expressive). Only growled when I put him back in his carrier. Never unsheathed a claw. He is a prince among cats.

Our cats, by size

All measurements made on our bathroom scale, which weighs in tenths of a pound.

Smallest to largest:
Toby, blue with faint tabby markings, 6.4 pounds and growing, 6 months next week! We suspect his coat next fall will prove him a longhair; right now he's medium tending toward long.

Arwen, longhaired dilute tortoiseshell, 8.4 pounds, 18 months

Sophie, our only shorthair, tortoiseshell and white, 8.6 pounds, 11.5 years

Eowyn, longhaired tabby and white, 10.2 pounds
(it's hard to see her stripes in this photo, but she has them), 7.5 years

Rufus, longhaired red tabby, 14.2 pounds, 11.5 years (he and Sophie are supposedly littermates; certainly they both came from the same feral cat hangout)

Jeeves, tuxedo cat, probably around 1.5 years but we can't be sure because he only showed up in the neighborhood last spring, 14.4 pounds.

Four of the six were feral kittens; Arwen came from a ranch where the cats are cared for, and she is by far the healthiest cat we have. Four (Toby, Eowyn, Sophie, and Rufus) were orphaned, two by unknown causes and two by human cruelty; they have various health problems and Eowyn lost the sight in one eye to an infection. We don't know Jeeves's story; he may have been dumped at the edge of town, as many cats are. He is so friendly we think he must have had a home once, but we'll probably never know. He has severe ear problems.
Many that are just as beautiful and lovable die every year. 
Please spay or neuter your pet.

Monday, December 4, 2017


Today I glanced up from the computer and saw Arwen sunbathing on the other side of the curtain, perfectly silhouetted.

This evening, she had a friend over for a cozy chat.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Brothers: Toby day 136, Rufus at 11 years.

Always before, I've found them on different parts of the bed, 
but today they were curled up together on the spot where I'd been napping.
Toby looks bigger than he is and Rufus smaller because
Toby is up on some blankets and Rufus is curled on a lower level; 
Toby is 5 pounds, Rufus 15.

Ah, peace.

Wash my paw, big brother?
(Glad we are getting all the big cats wormed this week!)

Toby was just finishing a yawn,
but doesn't it look like,
"That tickles!"?

Gotta wash that shoulder.

We now return you to your previously scheduled snuggle.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunrise over the mountains

This is why I grabbed the camera and ran out the door
in my robe and slippers this morning.
The sky was incredible, and it was fading as I looked.
First I ran south to catch this shot of Strawberry:

I turned west to catch the morning alpenglow on Aldrich:
 Swung the camera east to get the brightening sky over the northeastern turn in the range:
 and finally, chilled and exalted, headed homeward,
catching the last pink glow of sunrise 
on Dixie Butte:

Some things don't wait for shoes and coats.