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Monday, May 18, 2015

Garden update

I love the arch of bleeding-heart stems.
Translucence is a wonderful thing. Backlighting is tricky, but worth it.
 Lewisia is new to our garden. It's a native plant, named after Meriweather Lewis. Lewis and Clark are a very big deal in Oregon history.
 After two years of waiting, this iris showed us its colors.
 The parrot tulip is in a difficult spot, but today, finally, I got it. Doesn't it remind you of Dutch prints?
 Worlds within worlds. Maltese cross, gathering its strength to bloom.
A volunteer yarrow, blooming for the first time this year, showing that it's as bright as its parent.

   I don't usually name plants, but after we planted this little lilac, we went inside and I read the passage in Pratchett's Night Watch in which Sam Vimes meets his younger self. Henceforth, this one will be known as Vimesy and the big one at the opposite corner of the house as Sergeant-At-Arms.

The shapes and colors of iris leaves and buds are so perfect.
Of course, nothing stays perfect thanks to this guy and his ilk. Half an inch long, cute as can be, and already chomping holes in the hollyhock leaves. Here he's practicing camouflage on a yarrow stalk.
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