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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Luciano, day 6

Luciano ate an incredible amount of formula yesterday in 16 feedings, and he grew--144 grams yesterday morning, 150 last night, 160 now.  He has started sleeping on his snuggle disk instead of on us, which leaves us free to do other things. (Maybe we'll even sleep a bit.) He can roll over, crawl on his belly, and climb. He seems to be hearing a little, his ears are unfolding, and his eyelid crease is looking like it may start to open soon. 

After a feeding last night, he fell asleep on the warm touchpad. 
Who knows, maybe he wanted to write a blog post.

This morning. He's so big! 
He still looks more like an otter than baby otters do.

Daisy is too rough with him to leave them together, but she watches the carrier while he sleeps on his snuggle disk. She comes and gets us as soon as he starts to stir, so we can start making the formula for the next feeding. This was entirely her idea, and it's why I love herding dogs so much.


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