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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Toby, day 15: his true species revealed

Surrendered to sleep.

That moment when you realize you thought you had a kitten but it's really a baby Wookiee

It has not been easy. Toby started off constipated and had to have an enema last Tuesday; our vet suggested we give him a little mineral oil twice a day. He was constipated for two more days, and then started having diarrhea. It's gradually leveling out now, but every feeding time now goes like this:
1. Pull Toby and all blankets/rags out of carrier, check for poop.
2. Clean him up.
3. Feed him (warm formula, make bottle, weigh bottle, work with him to get a latch, watch him break it, work to get another latch...).
4. Give him his sponge bath and help him eliminate again. Expect to lose another rag and possibly a change of clothing.
5. Feed him some more.
6. Minor mop-up (he likes to wash his paws with his milky tongue: look, Mom, I'm washing! Like all baby helping behavior, this makes him stickier) and weigh the bottle again to see how much he ate.
7. Walk around with him till he goes to sleep.
8. Put him carefully back in the carrier with a warmed-up snuggle disk and lots of clean rags.

This all takes half an hour to an hour. 

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