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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Toby, day 12

Toby had his first wet food/formula mix this morning, at our vet's recommendation. He is still too little to lap out of a bowl or jar lid, but I put some of the mix on my pinkie and he slurped it from there. We didn't get pictures of that exciting process because food was flying and we were busy!

We did get a few after his feeding.

He's so big! This is at full stretch.

Happy boy, on the edge of a nap.

Yes, Toby's eyes are open! They open wider than this, but he was sleepy. 
His eyes are the strange silvery blue-gray of the new baby. 
Yesterday he opened them wide, and when I called his name he did the happy-cat blink and purred.

He still does a convincing otter imitation ,especially when he's napping. Here, he's giving a final wave to his fans before going back into his carrier for another rest. He'll be bigger when he wakes up.

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