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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Task analysis for kitten feeding

Task analysis for kitten feeding:

Make formula if there is none left in the jar (measure, mix, strain for lumps)

Gather the following:
Small rags for washing bits of kitten, medium rags for swaddling kitten, large rags or towel to hold snuggle disk
Vaseline for tiny chapped behind

1. Wet several small rags. Nuke briefly to get them warm. Place on feeding table.
2. Mix 1 tsp canned kitten food with 1.5 tsp Pedialyte in small bowl
3. Pour formula into bottle.
4. Weigh bottle. Write down weight.
5. Nuke mug of water for 1 to 1.5 min. Place bottle in mug to warm up.
6. Nuke bowl of Pedialyte.
7.. Move food and rags to feeding table.
8. Wake Toby. Wipe him off if needed.
9. Test formula for proper temperature.
10. Start feeding bottle.
11. When he refuses bottle, start feeding Pedialyte (dip pinkie in mix, let him suck it off the finger; if he's really doing well, carefully spoon-feed).
12. At some point during the feeding he will need the following:
Wiping up after a poop
Stimulation for peeing
Wiping face with clean rags
13. When he finishes eating, weigh bottle and write down weight again. Calculate amount of formula consumed. Note whether wet food mix was consumed.
14. Weigh kitten. Write down his weight.
15. Wrap kitten in clean rags.
16. Remove snuggle disk from carrier. Clean and wrap in clean cloth. Nuke for 30-60 seconds. Replace in carrier. Tuck clean small rags around edges to provide a safe, even surface.
17. Put kitten in carrier. Put towels around carrier to prevent drafts.
18. Do dishes. Put used rags in washer.

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