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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Toby, day 19

The one and only Toby is still playing Whack-A-Mole with health problems. We got his weight back up where it was before the dehydration/chill episode of Monday night to Tuesday afternoon, got metronidazole for his intestinal infection, got the diarrhea down to once every two hours instead of every hour, and then he stopped peeing. We went to the vet this morning to get him subcutaneous fluids for the continuing dehydration. He met the thermometer and the big needle with high-decibel screams of indignation, then returned to his usual cheery curiosity as soon as they were gone. He rode home quietly and proceeded to pee up a storm at his 12:30 feeding.

Dr. Colleen says he's doing beautifully aside from the dehydration. His weight is back where it was before Monday night's downward spiral. His heart and lungs sound great. His temp is right in the middle of normal range. He is responding well to the antibiotic. He's hitting his marks for cognition and motor skills, though he is now a bit behind on weight. Looks like we get to keep him.

That's great, because who could do without this little sleepy face? Here he is, home from his travels, relaxed and happy.


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