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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Toby day 48: Scrambled Egg, Food of the Gods.

Wet kitten food was great until it wasn't. Toby started spurning it in midafternoon yesterday, returning to the bottle for the remaining feedings of the day.

This morning I pulled out a custard cup, mixed up an egg in it, and microwaved it well past the point of food safety. It was no longer soft. It was 188 degrees. Apparently the directions were for a microwave less powerful than mine. I let it cool and offered a bit to Toby.

He sniffed. He took a tiny bite. His eyes got huge. Why have you been holding out on me all these days? he seemed to say, lunging at my hand. This is the real stuff! Give me more! He ate bits as quickly as I could pull them off until the chunk I was holding was gone. I grabbed a bigger chunk and started pulling bits off it for him. He ignored the bits and attacked the chunk. He ended up eating a third of the extra-large egg.

There you have it, folks: leathery scrambled egg is the food of the gods. At least for today.

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