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Friday, September 8, 2017

Kaleidoscope cat, day 56

Matt, at 2 a.m.: "Toby has just eaten, and he will probably sleep for hours."
Me: "Great, I can get some more sleep." 
Toby: "Mom's awake?! PARTY TIME!"

Actually, what he did was start playing with the jingle ball in his carrier. As soon as it started jingling, I got up, thought, "Pavlov was right, and I'm trained," and got him a bottle, which he spurned. He wanted to play.

We played for an hour. He calmed down and we dozed together for another hour. He has been very restless and bitey lately, so when he snuggled, I snuggled. Eventually he climbed off my shoulder and went to sleep on the couch, and I took a quick photo of him with his lion. Remember when they were close to the same size? No more. Wish I'd had a chance to brush him--he looks pretty ratty--but that would have made him wake up, and growing boys need their sleep. He is growing so quickly. His face is different, his legs are long, and his tail just grew to about double last week's length.

I watched him dream on the couch. When he started to stir and open his eyes, I offered him some of his new turkey baby food. He ate six count 'em SIX teaspoons, nearly half the jar, and five chunks of scrambled egg.I think it's safe to say he likes turkey. After that gargantuan meal, he started wanting to play and I said, "No way, mister, it's the poop box for you." Sure enough, he produced ample evidence of life and a healthy digestive system, with bonus functioning kidneys. TAfter that he went to sleep again, but by then all the other animals were awake and milling about.

I might get a nap later. 

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